QZL General Trading Group Services:

  1. Import and clearance of industrial machinery production line and raw materials
  2. Import, clearance and getting sales representation of all spare parts(accessory) for cars such as air-filter, oil-filter, brake pads, various types of timing belts and fan belts, tires and etc.
  3. Import of construction materials such as Stone, Corian, Laminate flooring, Wallpaper, Carpet, Split
  4. Import, clearance and standardization of all home and kitchens appliances.
  5. Import, clearance and obtaining standard license for assembled and unassembled Light’s products and LED items (CKD)
  6. Customs consulting in the field of customs clearance and resolving customs disputes between customs and owners of the goods.
  7. Obtaining visa for the GUANGZHOU CANTON FAIR exhibition tour with Persian translator